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Miss Princess of The World 2009, Prague. Kathiel Lampson.

Top 5 Jamaica Miss Global 2007 - Kathiel Lampson.

Top 10 Miss Caribbean World BVI 2008 - Kathiel Lampson.

First Runner Up jamaica Miss Global 2009 - Iris Ordeñana.

Best Evening Gown Jamaica Miss Global 2009 - Iris Ordeñana.

Best Costume Jamaica Miss Global 2009 - Iris Ordeñana.

Top 9 Miss Princess of The World, Prague 2010 - Iris Ordeñana.

Top 10 Miss Global Jamaica 2012 - Berenice Quezada

Best Costume Miss Global Jamaica 2012- Berenice Quezada

Top 35 Miss Model of The World 2012 China - Berenice Quezada

Best Costume Miss Model of The World 2012 China - Berenice Quezada

Top 8 Miss Panamerican International 2013 - USA - Berenice Quezada

3rd Pl. National Costume Miss Panamerican International 2013 - USA - Berenice Quezada

Top 7 Miss Princess of The World 2014 - Czech Republic - Berenice Quezada

Best Costume Miss Princess of The World Czech Republic 2014 - Berenice Quezada

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Best Of The Best Model Of The Universe Panama 2013- Soowan Bramble

Best National Costume Best Model of The Universe Panama 2013 - Soowan Bramble

Best Catwalk Best Model of The Universe Panama 2013 - Soowan Bramble

Best Photo Model Best Model of The Universe Panama 2013 - Soowan Bramble

Best Body Best Model of The Universe Panama 2013 - Soowan Bramble

Face of Angeli Foundation U.K. 2013 -Sheriza Ali

Charity Day Challenge Silver Medal Miss Earth Philippines 2012 - Amryl Nurse

Miss Bikini Princess Miss Earth Philippines 2011 - Melanie George Sharpe

Miss Photogenic Miss International Woman Canada 2011 - Renee Bhagwandeen

2nd Runner Up Miss International Woman Canada 2011 - Renee Bhagwandeen

Top 15 Miss Asia Pacific 2013 Korea - Greer Iton

Top 15 Miss Asia Pacific 2014 Korea - Tiffany Hunte



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Miss Oneness 2011 Anielka Espino Nicaraguan Entrepreneur

By: Gregory Lewin 05/27/2016

In 2011 Anielka Espino was crowned Miss Oneness Queen. At the time Anielka was still searching deep within her being of where her future would take her and where it would lead her after pageantry. She has always had a great love for the modeling and fashion sector and the lifestyle it embraced, so naturally one would think that modeling would be her chosen career but little did we know Anielka had bigger dreams and was waiting for the opportune moment to bring them to reality. 

During her tenure with me as my Miss Oneness Queen, she understood the rigorous and dedicated training a beauty queen had to endure to be the best representative for her country and also how “putting your best face forward” was of equal importance with a healthy lifestyle. Albeit to this, Anielka’s mind was on high gear as to how she can encapsulate her love for the beauty industry and her other visions. As a beauty queen she understood the methodology of young women and the major role that cosmetics and beauty products play in their lives and how these products boosted a young woman’s self esteem, confidence and acceptance of their being.

Over the years I’ve been following her development and kept in touch as I do with all my past Miss Oneness queens. Anielka has a big heart, is very sensitive, smart, humble and has great ambitions to lead by example. She always strived for perfection in every facet of her life. She recognized the value of a great education and continued steadfast in pursuing her career in business communications and public relations.

I am very proud to see this dedicated young lady has grown up into a very successful and ambitious individual who never faltered in her vision and went on to carve her own niche in the business community with founding her very own company, with a line of beauty products all made in Nicaragua.

Anielka founded “BuenaVida” in September 2015. BuenaVida is a manufacturing company that uses only natural ingredients. All of their products are made from Coconut. The company initially started with making coconut oil to distribute as a diet supplement to help with weight management as well as in the removal of stretch marks, removal of facial spots, and increase of hair growth amongst other benefits.

The company is also working on a line of natural makeup for women that will not damage the skin but instead give it that radiant young look. 

Not only is the company based in Nicaragua but all products are made in Nicaragua by Nicaraguans. Anielka said her intention is to give the Nicaraguan people the confidence and trust that all BuenaVida products are made at home. In addition, the company is registered as a green company. All products are packaged in recyclable paper bags in an effort to help the environment.

Anielka said she is very proud to have placed fourth place last week from among 50 companies at the EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) competition.

Not only is Anielka an astute business woman but she embodies “striving to be the best”. Growing up Anielka had a fondness for air travel and took the initiative to follow through with this hobby and is now a fully trained pilot.
When asked about this and how she manages being a pilot and business woman she notes in a light hearted moment that she just wanted to follow through and enjoy every moment of being in the air, and becoming a registered pilot was the pinnacle of that dream, and she is very proud of this accomplishment.

On a personal note, I am very proud of this young lady. Her ambitions and dreams and the drive to never give up has landed her in a great place. Anielka Espino is indeed a shining example that perseverance and following your dreams are attainable. The sky is the limit and only you can channel those dreams into reality.
Congratulations to Miss Oneness 2011.

Miss Oneness Wins Best National Costume and Placed Top 7

By: Gregory Lewin 10/21/2014

On October 10th 2014, Miss Oneness Berenice Xuyamy Quezada Hererra came away for the third time in four international beauty pageants representing Nicaragua with the Best National Costume title all designed by renowned designer Erick Bendaña. And for the third time she has also placed in the Top 10. Her latest accomplishment was at the Miss Princess of The World 2014 in Ostrava, Czech Republic where she also placed in the Top 7 from among 45 other beautiful young ladies from around world who were vying for the coveted title of Miss Princess of The World.

The delegates spent two weeks in the Czech Republic where they had the pleasure to indulge in the same  way as those bestowed to royalty. These delegates were welcomed as “royalty/queens” from their respective countries and they were respected and revered everywhere they visited.

They spent the entire time exploring the vast history and rich culture of the Czech Republic which includes Prague and Ostrava among other cities. One major visit was to the Selesian castle in Ostrava which was built in the 13th century. The Selesian castle was almost destroyed and it has been restored and is now one of the major attractions in the Czech Republic.

The show was all glamour and glitz, a first class production as the Miss Princess organization knows how to deliver. The show was broadcasted live around the world. They were many specially invited guests from around the world. These included diplomats from every country representing. I was honored once again for the third time, to be a  specially invited guest on the jury.

In the opening segment of the show each delegate paraded in their national costume and it was very obvious by the reaction and the applause from the audience including the judges on the panel that the winner of that segment would be Miss Nicaragua. Her costume was designed based on Nicaragua's signature folkloric masterpiece the Güegüense.

Up next was the swimsuit segment. All delegates were beautiful and proud of representing their respective countries. The competition was very tough. When Miss Nicaragua came on stage the crowd erupted in applause and cheer. A very slender, tall and beautiful jewel was about to show what she was made of. She became a crowd favorite as she worked the stage and enthralled the audience.

Prior to the start of the pageant, Berenice and I had our “pep” talk. This is an integral part of my preparation for all my Queens as it gives me that time to calm their nerves, and let them know how important this time is as it is the culmination of their hard work, long hours and  dedication to be the most worthy candidate to represent our beloved country.

Further to this, I ensure that they recognize that at the end of the day they must give the best of themselves while having fun, as this is indeed an opportunity of a lifetime, so make the most of it and enjoy the last to the fullest. Berenice I must say took my advice a bit further of which I am very proud of, and her personality and passion for the stage glimmered brightly.

Up next was the evening wear. Each delegate must wear a designer creation designed by the best known designers in the Czech Republic. Berenice evening wear was a long skirt with matching blouse. From a distance it seems to be a very simple piece of art with no life.  Once again though, the audience erupted in applause when Miss Nicaragua stepped on the stage and gave a 360 degree twirl bringing her evening wear to life. The applause was loud and long, clearly she has won the heart of the Czech of Republic. It was beautiful and well crafted. And this is what I called pushing the boundaries when the time is right.  The time was right and young lady from Rama proved that she is indeed a Queen worthy to be called a Queen.  

I’ve seen Berenice grew into a very confident young woman from the time she was chosen as Miss Oneness 2012 to now. She is charming, intelligent, humble and very respectful. Having worked with her over the past three years I truly believe that greater things awaits her. Miss Princess of The World was Berenice last international duty as Miss Oneness and I am very proud of the way she executed, and completed her reign with me. This young lady has a heart of gold and is very gracious and thankful to have had the opportunity to travel the world representing our beautiful Nicaragua. She is very happy with her accomplishments and thanked me for trusting in her.  She would also like to thank her mother for always being there for her supporting her. to those who also supported her along the way Erick Bendaña, Harry Garay, Venancia Aguilar, Mary Pombo, Baci Baci , the Mayor

of the city of Rama, Camila Ortega, Ing Ismael Diaz” and Dentist Gabriel Borgen among others.

Results of the show:

Miss Princess 2014 - Miss Zambia - Andella Chlishe Matthews
PFirst Runner Up - Miss Czech Republic - Monika Vaculíková
Second Runner Up - Miss Argentina - Daiana Ayelén Arlettaz

Top 7

Argentina - Daiana Ayelén Arlettaz
Czech Republic - Monika Vaculíková
Denmark – Iben Juel Nielsen
Kazakhstan – Alina Anissimova
Nicaragua – Berenice Quezada Herrera
Zambia - Andella Chlishe Matthews
Ukraine – Ivanna Akilveren

Best National Costume - Miss Nicaragua – Berenice Quezada Herrera
Miss Simpathy – Miss Namibia - Ester Ndapewoshali Shatipamba
Miss Talent - Miss Turkey -  Pinar Akilveren
Miss photo - Miss Spain - Maria Elena Martos Villalba