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Bluefields, Nicaragua Sep. 9, 2009-On September 5th Miss Oneness 2009, First Runner up and Winner of the Best Costume at the 2009 Miss Global International Beauty Pageant the lovely and charismatic Iris Ordeñana Padilla paid a very special visit and brought gifts to the Neonatal and Pediatric Ward at the Regional Hospital in Bluefields. The gifts consisted of dozens of disposal diapers, a DVD player and a movie suitable for all ages to bring a smile to kids who are intern and patients of the facility. Miss Ordeñana stated that though the gifts were small and did not solve the problems afflicting the hospital, but it is with hope it could bring a smile to the little ones as they recuperate.

The Queen was agonized by the poor condition in which the Neonatal Ward was in and still is in. Many of them (the newborn children) are suffering because of the lack of proper medical equipment to treat their illnesses. The Queen was especially moved when she saw and got up close with one of the newborn babies whom the Director of the Neonatal Care Department said he almost lost the night before because they did not have the proper equipment to treat the child. The newborn baby was suffering from diarrhea and was badly dehydrated and needed an IV to keep her alive but it was impossible to find her vein. Miss Ordeñana was so traumatized by this disclosure and promised that she will do all that is in her power to try and seek help from organizations that could provide the proper equipment to the Regional Hospital to save the lives of the children that are suffering.

Miss Ordeñana had a full schedule for the day to fulfill in Bluefields and took the very first flight out of Managua. Upon her arrival at Bluefields the Queen was greeted by Mr. Rubiard Murray, candidate for council of the Regional Gov. in The South Atlantic Autonomous Region. Immediately after she was escorted to the South Atlantic Hotel where she had breakfast with the Mayor of Bluefields the Honorable Harold Bacon Brokamp. Breakfast was delicious and the Queen took the opportunity to address the Mayor about the many issues and crisis facing our people including that of the support for the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant.

Miss Ordeñana was very confident and articulate when speaking to the Mayor trying to get his attention to make sure he endeavored to do all that he could to assist with the development of the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant. The Queen informed the Mayor that the pageant is a wonderful medium in which to build self esteem, self confidence, greater awareness of self and country and most of all inculcate stronger moral and social values to all the youths. It also exemplifies its aim and objective to continue promoting the unique culture of the Caribbean coast to the international community. Miss Ordeñana enthralled Mayor Harold Bacon and he listened attentively and promised to work in promoting and seeing the Miss Oneness program grow. (Oneness Entertainment parent company of the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant was officially endorsed by the Mayor’s office in May 2009). The Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant is a one of a kind and the only beauty pageant on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua that sends its Queens directly out of Nicaragua to participate in international beauty pageants showcasing the unique culture of the Caribbean coast. The Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant requires each Winner to “give back to the community” during her one year reign as Queen. Miss Ordeñana has chosen to work within her passions - with the children who are in dire need of medical attention and those who are less fortunate and living in the streets.


The Queen then paid a courtesy visit to the offices of Mr. Wade Hawkins at Seaman Express Agency in Beholden and personally thanked him for his continued support for the program. Thereafter she was driven to an interview at the local radio station Radio Zinica with Professor Arturo Valdez. During the interview Miss Ordeñana took advantage of the fact that she was being heard by thousands of local citizens and she called upon all the government institutions to assist the program not only morally but financially as well.  She also called upon each young lady that aspires to be a beauty queen to not be afraid to enter the pageant.


The Queen made many stops in the different neighborhoods in Bluefields but one was very special to her and that was when she asked to venture into the Municipal Stadium to greet the children from the little baseball league. She encouraged them to continue doing good and never give up on their dreams and aspirations. The kids were ecstatic to see and meet the Queen and jumped at the opportunity to take that special photo with her.  The Queen emphatically exclaimed “vamos adelante” and the future big leaguers followed in cheer and merriment!


A special “Meet the Queen Function/Press Conference” was held to honor the Queen at the Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University{BICU} from 1pm – 3pm thanks to the generous support of the Rector of the University Mr. Gustavo Castro who made it all possible. The event was held in a class room setting with a group of young people who were in a dialogue discussing the issues facing the youths so the setting was indeed appropriate and conducive and one in which the Queen thoroughly enjoyed. The class room was filled to capacity with specially invited guests and dignitaries. The youths were warm and greeted the Queen with cheers. All the questions asked were answered eloquently by Miss Ordeñana and to the satisfaction of all in attendance. At the end of the press conference the Queen was presented with a CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT from Eden Borge on behalf of the Honorable Mayor Harold Bacon Brokamp. Upon her impending departure, the Queen was endeared and surrounded by all in attendance who wanted to get an up close look at her, to take pictures and share a momento of her presence by taking home an autograph photo of the reigning Miss ONENESS  Queen. All in all Miss Ordeñana stated emotionally that this would be a cherished moment in her lifetime and feels very humbled and loved by her people.

Miss Iris Ordeñana Padilla a true beauty with a purpose – A TRUE ANGEL!


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