Miss Nicaragua Is First Runner Up At The 2009 Miss Global International Beauty Pageant.

Gregory Lewin

Charming and talented Nicaraguan beauty Iris Ordeñana made a resounding impression at the 5th staging of the prestigious MISS GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY PAGEANT in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This production was held at the world famous RIU Resort & Spa on Saturday August 1st 2009. Miss Ordeñana was beauty personified and during her stay in the beautiful island of Jamaica she kept Nicaragua’s flag flying high.

This dynamic and beautiful young lady was an instant sensation as she touched the Jamaican soil. She was statuesque and had the most humble and engaging personality. This 21 year old beauty from Siuna, RAAN is the epitome of what the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant organization is all about. She is an example to all young ladies.

She is a professional and took the initiative to strive for excellence. Miss Ordeñana’s brief stay in Jamaica was an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. The organizers of the Pageant treated all the young ambassadress with style and pomp the minute they arrived. The competition proved to be a very intense from inception but all the lovely ladies persevered and had so much fun that for a moment one would have thought they were long lost friends and not competitors.

All the delegates were treated to a reception where they were the guests of honor in MEET THE QUEEN WELCOME COCKTAIL RECEPTION. The next day they were treated to an island tour and met with some of the locals and international guests. The young ladies enjoyed some of the wonders that the island had to offer and even the authentic cuisine. Later that evening they were judged as they modeled fashions by one of Jamaica’s top designers – Showtime Entertainment.

The Minister of Tourism the honorable Edmund Bartlett flew from Kingston to meet the lovely delegates at the RIU Resort and he even shared a few words with Miss Nicaragua about the similarities between Bluefields and Bluefields, Jamaica.

Another aspect of the competition was where the girls met with the judges for the Personality Interview. Miss Ordeñana looked chic and sophisticated and was well composed in her business attire. Next they paraded for the judges in their swimsuit. Hers was sponsored by Jacqui Koon How of the House of Jacqui of Trinidad & Tobago.

The pageant started at the designated time and Iris looked breath taking in her blue and silver costume representing Nicaragua’s carnival and the Caribbean coast waters. This was designed and made by Jacqui Koon How and Kalicheran’s Mas Camp of Trinidad & Tobago. This earned her the BEST COSTUME award.

For her talent Miss Ordeñana chose to dramatize a poem written by one of Nicaragua’s very own poets – the late Ruben Dario entitled – A MARGARITA DEBAYLE. She worked into the long hours of the night to perfect her performance under the astute guidance of Pageant Directors and she was amongst the TOP 3 in the talent competition to perform on coronation night.

Next Miss Nicaragua was adorned in a gorgeous shimmery gold sequined gown which accentuated her silhouette designed by one of the finest designers in Nicaragua – Fernando Fuentes of Venezuela. The moment she graced the stage the crowd was amazed and Iris shine like the golden sun. She was resplendent and flawless on stage and the crowd applauded.

The final aspect of the competition was the FINAL QUESTION segment. There, the young ladies were asked a question on stage and had to respond accordingly. Iris listened attentively to her question which asked about the environment and answered eloquently. All the young ladies looked beautiful and made their respective countries proud.

Sectional awards were as follows:


In the end the results were announced with Miss Jamaica – Adrianna Bryan placing 2nd Runner Up, followed by Miss Nicaragua – Iris Ordeñana placing 1st Runner up and Miss Bahamas – Azaria Claire chosen as Queen.

Pageant Director and Coordinator of the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant – Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo from Trinidad and Tobago was Iris’s International Chaperone and Consultant. She stated that Iris was a gem and brought glory and fame to her nation as she stood before all and represented her beloved country and people with dignity, intelligence and most of all love.

Vanessa has been very instrumental with Iris’s success as she was dedicated and committed in working with her people in Trinidad & Tobago to secure Iris’s costume and swimsuit. She was also Iris’s makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and hairstylist for the duration of her stay in Jamaica. Vanessa brings a wealth of experience to our organization and she prides herself on working simultaneously with our young delegates and help to mold them to better themselves and be an asset to their country and people.

Miss Nicaragua the talented and dynamic Iris Ordeñana is very pleased with her success and wishes to thank all for their unending love and dedication in her preparation for this pageant. Miss Iris Ordeñana, the beauty from Siuna is a remarkable young woman and a shining example to all young women aspiring to participate in the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Iris as she prepares herself for Miss Caribbean World 2010 in Tortola British Virgin Island and Miss Europe Junior 2010 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.  I wish her all the best in her future endeavors and to enjoy her reign as Miss Oneness 2009.

Many thanks to the following for their support:

Mr. Wade Hawkins
Don Fernando Fuentes
Salon de belleza Bon Chic
Gabriela Gonzales
Jacqui Koon How

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