Princess Of The World Is Welcomed Home With Jubilee

Vanessa Sahatoo

Bluefields, RAAS, November 11, 2009-The day, Saturday October 10th 2009 goes down in history for the people of the Caribbean coast as their daughter of the soil, the lovely Kathiel Lampson the crowned Princess of the World is greeted with much pomp and parade, fitting of a Queen!

At 11:00am on a Costeña flight from Managua the Queen and her entourage were bound for Bluefields. The Queen was very much excited to finally be heading home to see her people but most of all her family who supported her without fail. Finally the moment came and as she disembarked there was much jubilation and excitement as the Moravian & BICU bands played, and spectators waited with eager anticipation and when they saw this vision of loveliness all was in glee and there were shouts of joy.

The moment she stepped out to meet her people she was received with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and she beamed like the radiant sunshine. She was escorted to the awaiting vehicle which she rode as she was driven through the streets of Bluefields to the music played by the bands and the people dancing and chanting her name as they made their way to the BICU University for the Official Press Conference/Meet the Queen Function. The young and old came out of their homes and waved to their Queen. One lovely elderly woman in particular stood out, as she stood and waved the Nicaraguan flag proudly and smiled as she was alive to see history being made.

When the Princess alighted from her vehicle she was again met with much praise and happiness and she was escorted by the President of ONENESS Entertainment and other officials to the BICU Auditorium for the Official Press Conference/Meet the Queen Function as organized by ONENESS Entertainment.

The people sat in amazement as they looked proudly and saw their Queen radiant as ever, smiling seated at the head table flanked by Brother Nash, Mr. Roy López Vice Rector of Academic of the BICU University, Mr. Wade Hawkins the 2009 recipient of the ONENESS Entertainment Most Outstanding Leadership Award, Mr. Gregory Lewin the President of ONENESS Entertainment & Executive Director of the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant, myself and her mother Mrs. Sandra Carter. The function was chaired by Miss Oneness Representative in Bluefields Miss Wellene Campbell.

The function started with the playing of the National Anthem and the opening prayer by Brother Nash. Mr. Roy López spoke a few words and presented the Princess of the World with a certificate. The President of ONENESS Entertainment then rose and delivered his speech. Mr. Lewin was so precise and exuded such professionalism and stature in his delivery, and thanked all those who assisted him in the past and had ventured further into saying that now the company has gained momentum with its vision and that the journey has not ended but just begun, for he is continuing in his quest to bring about a positive and rewarding change in Nicaragua for these young women, and all.

Mr. Wade Hawkins was the Feature Speaker of the function and heartily congratulated Ms. Lampson, and the Pageant Company for this historical accomplishment. The Queen spoke to her people relaying her experiences in the beautiful Czech Republic and in closing spoke from her heart and asked that they work together to foster a stronger Nicaragua. She wished them all well and thanked them all for their love and support.

I hasten to add that as the function drew to a closure the children and adults in attendance were indeed happy to have had the opportunity to meet the Princess of the World as she signed autographed pictures, and took pictures with all. It was a moment in time as history was being made and everyone, man, woman, child, were so happy to see this young beautiful woman who grew up with them, who was actually one of them, made it to the top, and is now reigning supreme! She is the beautiful and talented Princess of the World.

All this is ONLY because of the vision and dedication of one man, Mr. Gregory Lewin as he worked tirelessly and remained dedicated to these young women, wanting to forge a better life for them, building their self esteem, self confidence, purpose in life and harnessing their inner beauty to become a positive role model allowing them to realize their full potential and make their dreams come true.

Congratulations to the President of ONENESS Entertainment & Executive Pageant Director of the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant, Mr. Gregory Lewin for such a successful and highly professional event that would forever be etched in the hearts and minds of all of us.

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