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Vanessa Sahatoo

Bluefields, Nicaragua, Sep. 11, 2009-Miss ONENESS Beauty 2007 the lovely Kathiel Lampson from Bluefields will fulfill her ultimate dream and travel to Europe to participate in the prestigious Princess of the World alias Miss Europe and World Junior – 2009 international beauty pageant. She is scheduled to leave for the Czech Republic on September 13th 2009. Miss Lampson will have the esteemed pleasure to be hosted in the European continent for a period two weeks and takes great pride in being the very first representative for Nicaragua at this pageant.

She is very much excited and has worked tirelessly to ensure that all is confirmed for her impending departure. Miss Lampson has proven herself to be very articulate and poised, and has enhanced her stage dynamics and social etiquette standards. The Princess of the World alias Miss Europe and World Junior international beauty pageant is truly a unique and illustrious pageant as it provides an opportunity for all the delegates from across the globe to present themselves in different fields and show the judges, audience, sponsors and media their personality traits (diplomacy, team work, sport skills, talent, intelligence, stage presence and communication skills). The delegates will also gain invaluable experience which they will be able to use for further personal and professional growth. The Princess of the World alias Miss Europe and World Junior beauty pageant shows richness and variability of world society and gives all the opportunity to look at many different cultures surrounding us as a people.

The Princess of the World alias Miss Europe and World Junior beauty pageant will culminate on the festive Gala evening on Saturday September 26th 2009 in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Many well known Czech as well as foreign celebrities will appear during the Gala evening. The event will be shot in cooperation with TV - the main broadcasting channel in the Czech Republic as well as cable and satellite TVs, online internet broadcasting and reporter staff of other foreign television stations. The event is now supported by the government and cultural representatives from the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The beautiful Miss Lampson will be competing in the following categories:

      Introduction in National Costume
Evening Wear

Other sectional awards are: Miss Photogenic, Best Talent and Miss Congeniality to name a few.

Her evening gown and wardrobe has been designed and made by non other than Nicaragua’s top designers – Fernando Fuentes, and her National Costume was designed and made by the well known Erick Bendańa also from Managua. Kathiel is truly in awe of both creations and is confident of doing her utmost best to represent her beautiful people of the Caribbean coast and the entire Nicaragua.

Kat, as she is fondly calls enjoys travelling, modeling, reading and playing baseball and basketball. When crowned Miss ONENESS beauty 2007 Kathiel won the privilege of representing her country at the Miss Global International Beauty Pageant in Jamaica of that year and was placed in the TOP 5. Thereafter in 2008, she also participated in the Miss PJD2 in St. Maarten and at the Miss Caribbean World beauty pageants in Tortola.

This talented and intelligent beauty is very humbled and is very gratified to fulfil her lifelong dream to represent her wonderful country of Nicaragua in one of the worlds’ most prestigious pageants in the European continent and wishes to thank the President of ONENESS ENTERTAINMENT {parent company} of the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant – Mr. Gregory Lewin for his commitment and dedication in once again providing an opportunity for her to showcase the truly diverse, harmonious and rich cultural heritage of our wonderful homeland to our international counterparts.

Mr. Gregory Lewin is the National Franchise Director for these international beauty pageants and is mainly responsible for Ms. Lampson’s flair and experience in pageantry. The Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant was created in 2005 and is the only pageant that sends their Winners to international pageants and is endorsed by the Mayor of Bluefields and the Ministry of Tourism in Nicaragua.

Miss Lampson was specially chosen by Mr. Lewin and members of the Pageant Committee as she still exemplifies the essence of a true ONENESS beauty. This truly goes to show the integrity and commitment of the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant.

Miss Lampson is indeed a positive role model to all the youths as continues to forge ahead and follow her dreams and make a difference in society.


SEP 14 finalists arrival, photo, fittings, shooting video profiles of finalists
SEP 15 finalists arrival photo, fittings, shooting video profiles of finalists, rehearsals with choreographer processing of photos of finalists for internet
20:00 – Official opening dinner with president of the contestNight - official start of voting on internet - Miss Photo
SEP 16 promotion Prague, photo and TV
11:00 - 14:00 – ČVUT – excursion atomic reactor, physical experimentation untraditionally
17:00 - 20:00 – HUMMER Centrum – „TVRZ“ – outdoor program from history to present day
TV shooting – stuntmen and knights exhibitions
SEP 17 11:00 – 12:00 - official reception – Mayor of the City of Prague, Old Town Hall
promotion – Prague sight seeing, photo and TV, lunch
promotion – sport programme, photo and TV, dinner
SEP 18 . transfer Ústí nad Orlicí, photo and TV
10:00 – 13:00 – „CAKLE“ – sport activities (bikes, scooters, in-line skates, mount climbing, kayaks)
transfer Polička , photo and TV
14:00 – Polička, official reception by Mayor of Polička – Town hall, transfer Svojanov castle
14:30 – Svojanov castle – promotion knights program with TV and partners, transfer Polička
17:00 – evening program Tyl House - Miss talent, declaration of the attendant event of miss for VIP guests and public with attendance of Governor of the Pardubice Region – Mr. Radko Martínek
SEP 19 13:00 - promotion Arkády Pankrác (shopping centre)
15:00 – transfer Mošnov airport (accomodation Hotel Hukvaldy) Official party Day NATO – Mošnov airport
SEP 20 10:00 – 16:00 – promotion airport Ostrava – Mošnov, promotion Day NATO (CEAM hangare, exhibitions of military and flight technologies) transfer Hungary,
21:00 – official reception by Mayor - Ráckeve accomodation Blue Danube Wellness Hotel - Ráckeve
SEP 21 promotion and official reception by Mayor - Budapest
transfer Visegrád – knigts tournament in cooperation with Knigts order of holy George
SEP 22 promotion and official reception Eger – Regio North Hungary Promotion Hordobágy (puszta)
SEP 23 transfer Czech Republic, accomodation Hotel S.E.N. Senohraby
16:00 – PC discipline – with attendance of TV and media - Hotel S.E.N. Senohraby
20:00 – Festive dinner with winners of spectators competitions with finlaists
SEP 24 transfer Prague, TOP HOTEL Praha & Congress Centre**** rehearsals in Hall, trainings
19:00 - LOOK party - Občanská plovárna (restaurant & music club) – promotion, media, abroad guests
SEP 25 rehearsals in hall, trainings VIP program – arrivals of abroad guests and National directors
19:00 – meeting of National directors with finalists
SEP 26 rehearsals in hall, trainings, TOP HOTEL Praha & Congress Centre****
14:00 - General rehearsal
20:00 - Galaevening of World Final Princess of the World 2009,
Official afterparty with finalists and Mayou of the City of Prague
SEP 27 11:00 – official price awards to finalists
12:00 – 14:00 - photo of winners and finalists
14:00 - transfers transfers to airport, departures of finalists and guests from Prague
SEP 28 media and partner promotion with the winners - Prague finalists departures
SEP  29 finalists departures




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