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Bluefields-RAAS-March 11, 2008- 16 year old Scharllette Alexandra Allen Moses, student of the Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University / Miss Bluefields is the winner of the Miss Oneness 2008 Beauty Pageant. The third staging of the Miss Oneness Pageant was held in Pearl Lagoon on March 8th at the FADCANIC auditorium. Six beautiful delegates from Bluefields, Corn Island, Orinoco and Pearl Lagoon represented their respective cities and communities with pride and dignity.

Scharllette has started preparing herself to travel to London, England in July to represent the Caribbean Coast and Nicaragua at the prestigious Miss Global International Pageant.

The event was filled with glamour and sophistication. It was a show to remember for all times. Pageant coordinator Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo, former queen and model of Trinidad & Tobago gave the audience a pageant show never seen on the Caribbean coast. The FADCANIC auditorium was filled to its capacity. The audience erupted in cheers as the show opened up with the costume segment led by the beautiful 18 year old Miss Orinoco-Kasmalee Brigeth Patterson Bennett. The costume segment was followed by the swimsuit, talent and evening gown segments. Pearl Lagoon's native Warner Cayasso serenaded the delegates as they stood graciously in their evening gowns. All six delegates were angel like and graceful. Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo did an exemplary job getting the entire event together working tirelessly with the delegates getting them prepared for a wonderful night of glitz and glamour!

The delegates had the opportunity to travel and visit the communities of La Fe and Orinoco. They were greeted warmly by the locals of both communities and partook in a traditional dish, played games and danced to traditional music played by the locals. They also visited the FADCANIC Primary School where they addressed the young students as they stood in awe to see such beautiful young ladies before them. The cheers from the kids as each delegate presented herself went echoing throughout Pearl Lagoon.

This year's Pageant theme was "The Empowerment of Women Through Beauty and Splendor." Featured guest speaker was Ms. Lenore Bryan Archibold President of the Indigenous Association for the Integration and Development of the Southern Autonomous Region of the Caribbean coast. (AIIDCA).

Another highlight for the evening was the presentation of special awards.

Miss Amity was awarded to Miss Orinoco - Kasmalee Brigeth Patterson Bennett.
Miss Photogenic was awarded to Miss Bluefields 1 - Sharleth Noreen Lira Hansack
Miss Intelligence was awarded to Scharllette Alexandra Allen Moses.
Overall first Runner Up was Miss Corn Island - Keysi Sharinna Gordon Bryan

Executive Director and President of Oneness Entertainment the parent company of the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant Mr. Gregory A. Lewin  whose aim and objective allows for young intelligent beautiful ladies with a passion for empowerment towards further goals be it in the fields of careers or humanitarian to come forth and support each other towards one common goal promoting the Caribbean coast and Nicaragua & its entire splendor, were realized and personified and showed a true representation of his international standards.

The vision of the Executive Director has now taken him even further, henceforth in establishing The Most Outstanding Recognition Award which will be presented to the most outstanding citizen of the Caribbean coast annually at the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant. The recipient of the first ever award was presented to none other than the first Black gentlemen to reach the pinnacle rank of Commissioner - Mr. Kent Allan Hooker, (Commissioner of the National Police) for his outstanding commitment to the security, service, honor and dedication for the people of Nicaragua.

Plans are currently on the way for the 4th staging of the Miss Oneness 2009 pageant. Subsequent announcements will be made within the coming months.  Interest has already been shown outside of the Caribbean coast to include other young ladies with ties to the Caribbean coast to participate.  Please visit www.missoneness.com and www.bluefieldspulse.com for updates.

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