Miss Oneness Assist With Fundraising For Cancer Victim In Trinidad


Gregory Lewin

Port of Spain TT, July 11, 2010 -
Miss Oneness assisted with the fundraising event for cancer patient Anne-Marie Williams from Pt. Lisas, Trinidad to raise fund to assist with her medical treatment. As part of giving back to the community Miss Oneness has identified that she will work with cancer victims so when she heard of the fund raisng she quickly jumped at the opportunity to go out and assist. Anne-Marie Williams was diagnosed with breast cancer last November. She has a 19 year old daughter same age as Miss Oneness. Mrs. Williams was a former beauty queen and professional model having amassed 22 years in the industry, she entered the Miss Jaycees & Miss Maja pageants.

When Ann-Marie learnt that she had cancer, she was overcome with emotion and realized her life had drastically changed, it basically gave her a newer perspective on life. She has started her chemotherapy and has to do radiation before surgery.

Ann-Mare would like to thank the FIC Crew, IPSL and Jokhan General Contractors for their remarkable support. She has the thinking that though cancer may prove to be a deterrent in her life she would not allow it to get the better of her. "I have to be strong and fight this and find success for my daughter and to live long to share my experiences and help others as well" she said. To a cancer patient she wishes to say that from the time of diagnosis, it is not the end of the world once you have God in your heart, you will have the strength from him, you need the knowledge, patience and knowing all that you will have to endure...you will get through this.

Speaking to Miss Oneness after the fundraising event she said "It was a great opportunity for me to be so close to Miss Ann-Marie. I am very happy I came out to help as you know this is part of my giving back to the community. I had the opportunity to encourage her to have faith and that she will get better. She was very pleased with my words of encouragement and promised to keep me updated on her progress. Miss Ann-Marie is my first patient and I am totally convince that I want to work with cancer patients back home in Nicaragua and anywhere my travel takes me because they really need to feel love, encouragement and blessed. I believe that I can really help and make a difference"

Ann-Marie's next fundraiser is on August 29th 2010 at the SPACE La Nouba Club in South Trinidad. Everyone in TT is invited to come out and help this worthy cause.




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