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Miss Earth Trinidad & Tobago and EMA Working Together

Gasparillo, Trinidad, Oct. 25, 2011 - The crowned Miss ONENESS T&T – Melanie George-Sharpe is in the midst of the final leg of preparation for her participation at the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant that will be staged in the beautiful country of Thailand in December of this year.
Melanie has been actively involved in the troughs of the environment. On the 17th of September 2011, she had embarked on a journey to the Manzanilla Beach to participate in the international coastal clean-up exercise. There she was armed with plastic bags, gloves, a tally sheet and sun block lotion and her team of five joined enthusiastically with over 150 other eager volunteers and “literally cleaned up” the beach. At the end of it all she was amazed at the quantity of litter that polluted our environment in such a beautiful sight and felt a degree of pride that others as well had seen such a need in a collective effort of playing a small but meaningful part in environmental preservation.

Last week through the kind assistance of the Environmental Management Authority {EMA} we took a delightful visit to the largest fresh water swamp in Trinidad and Tobago – THE NARIVA SWAMP, which is located on the east coast immediately inland from the Manzanilla Bay.

The EMA had identified this site as the best location for the official ‘Warrior of the Forest” photo session which has been specified for this year’s Miss Earth pageant. Her warrior wear was designed and made by the ever popular Lionel and Rose Jaggesar of South Trinidad. The Jaggesar’s are well renowned for their tribal costuming and Melanie’s depict the interpretation of the Caribs and the Arawaks that once inhabited our land long ago.
We were all amazed at the beauty of the forest and heard the red howler monkeys on our twenty {20} minute hike up the trail, which leads to two of the most breath-taking and majestic trees, the Sandbox and the Figuier.

During the hike, Melanie was briefed on some of the facts of the Nariva Swamp by Mr. Roopnarine Singh, Forester attached to the “Forestry Division Nariva Swamp” which falls under the Ministry of Housing and the Environment of T&T.
We would like to thank Miss Alisa Gomez Educator of the EMA, Mr. Roopnarine Singh, Kamala Jonas-Roopchand, Davanand Jaimungal, Teeluckram Khemraj and Ramesh Zoongie our well trained and dedicated guides.

Photos courtesy PHOTO CONCEPTS
Make-Up courtesy SACHA Cosmetics


Local Name- Sandbox
Scientific Name- Hura crepitans
Family Name- Euphoribiaceae

Sandbox is a very large deciduous tree with a long straight bole reaching a height of approximately thirty three metre (100ft) and in the case of the tree found in the Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary has a girth of eleven metres (33 ft). The trunk is thickly studded with sharply pointed prickles, commonly one to two centimeters (1/2”-3/4”) long and often slightly curved. Apart from the prickles, the bark is fairly smooth and of light brown colour. The bark contains irritant latex which can cause temporary blindness if it enters the eyes. The bole is not buttressed but cylinder in shape.

The wood is soft, light, about 25 lbs per cubic foot, and of a yellowish-cream in colour. It was once used for dug-out canoes.

Local Name- Figuier
Scientific Name- Ficus tobagensis
Family Name- Moracaceae

The figuier is a large evergreen tree with a girth exceeding four metres (12 ft) and reaching a height of forty metres (120 ft). The bark is smooth, with a tendency on old trees to be slightly fissured. The bark is fairly hard, about half a centimeter (1/4 “) thick and contains a milky latex which is also found in the leaves. The tree usually has a long, clean trunk with fairly large, to large buttresses.

Miss Oneness in her Amazon wear


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