Miss Oneness Meets With The President of Trinidad and Tobago His Excellency Professor George Maxwell Richards

Gregory Lewin

              Photos:   Courtesy of the Government Services Limited of Trinidad and Tobago

July 10, 2010 - Port of Spain TT - Butterflies, nervousness, excitement, thrill and so many emotions was going through Miss Oneness 2010 Jotishema Fox as she made her way from San Fernando up to the capital city of Port of Spain to meet the President of Trinidad and Tobago His Excellency Professor George Maxwell Richards. Miss Fox was very emotional knowing that she would be writing history becoming the very first Beauty Queen from Nicaragua to meet the President of another country where she would have the opportunity to share her culture and talk about her people; and she did just that in a very candid conversation with his Excellency.

On 7th July, 2010 our Queen was received with honors by His Excellency. She received the same diplomatic  treatment that is extended to all diplomats that visit the President's office. Miss Oneness is currently in Trinidad preparing to represent Nicaragua at the Miss Princess of the World Beauty pageant in Prague, Czech Republic in September and also playing her role as Ambassadress representing Nicaragua thereby forging relationship to bring about the awareness of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua in hopes of exposing Nicaragua's tourism potential.

Our Ambassadress looked very elegant and charming in her business suit that was co-ordinated and styled by Mrs. Sinanan to meet His Excellency. She arrived 45 minutes earlier than scheduled along with ONENESS Pageant Director Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo . The Queen was nervous at first but that quickly subsided once the President made her feel at home. They were ushered into the waiting room (a room adjacent to his official office where he receives dignitaries.) She was introduced and shook the President's hand as he welcomed her. The Presidential Photographer was on hand to take the official photographs, and His Excellency was presented with a token of appreciation.

Soon after our Ambassadress settled in and was seated a very candid conversation ensued between His Excellency and the Ambassadress. They touched on many interesting topics including culture, tourism, personal goals including the purpose of the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant taking such interest in sending delegates to international beauty pageants to represent Nicaragua. Our Queen was very eloquent in her responses and she explained that one of the main purposes is to foster strong relations with Trinidad & Tobago and the rest of the world in hopes of boosting the tourism on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. His Excellency then asked our Ambassadress what she thought of Trinidad so far. She replied by saying "I am enjoying the beautiful island and the hospitality and courtesy that has been extended to me by everyone I meet." He complimented her on how well spoken, sincere and real she is. He also complimented her on her beauty and told her that she looks lovely and was in very good hands with her Pageant Director Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo.

His Excellency was surprised to learn that our Ambassadress is only 19 years old and pursuing her studies to become a doctor with aspirations to specialize in Cardiology. He wished her all the best in her studies. 

He asked about her over all plans while there in T&T and she spoke of her training with Mrs. Sahatoo-Manoo, Ms. Jacqui Koon-How and how she was delighted to have met with Ashvin Bally and Mr. Peter Elias . The overall conversation with His Excellency and our Ambassadress was very delightful and one that will remain dear with our Queen for a life time.

Our Ambassadress became a little emotional when it was time to part and she thanked the President for receiving her as meeting him was the highlight of her stay in Trinidad and Tobago and it was all made possible through the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant organization. According to Pageant Director, our Queen was very poised, articulate and was brimming with such elegance and intelligence as she spoke from her heart about the aim and objectives of the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant.

Our Queen is enjoying celebrity status on the beautiful island of Trinidad. She is well received every where she goes and many don't miss the opportunity for a photo opportunity with her. Many other invitations have been received so far from prominent nationals of T&T. Miss ONENESS is scheduled to visit and have a tour of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, The Carnegie Library and the Nutrimx Group of Companies to name a few.

According to ONENESS Pageant Director who is based in Trinidad, Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo Manoo, Miss Fox is a genuine and focused young woman who is well loved by all she encounters and is fast winning the hearts of the beautiful people of Trinidad. The people of Nicaragua should be very proud of her dedication and her love in representing her beloved people of Nicaragua wonderfully in the twin island state of T&T.

The Pageant Company is very pleased to announce that KRISTINA'S is the official footwear sponsor of Miss ONENESS 2010, and that Mr. Kirk Thomas - the official Make-up Artist of the Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe Beauty Pageant has signed on to assist the Miss ONENESS organization with preparation of Miss ONENESS 2010.





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