By Gregory Lewin 31st October 2013

The final Miss Oneness T&t Princess 2013, Dr. Greer A. Iton was placed in the TOP 15 of the Miss Asia Pacific World Pageant yesterday – 30th October 2013, in Seoul, Korea.

The new Miss Asia Pacific World title went once again to India, with Shristi Rana. The other finalists are as follows:

1st Runner-Up: Miss Egypt
2nd Runner-Up: Miss Kazakhstan
3rd Runner-Up: Miss Russia
4th Runner-Up: Miss Sweden
5th Runner-Up: Miss Mongolia
6th Runner-Up: Miss Australia

The TOP 15 semifinalists were: Australia, Ukraine, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, Sweden, Egypt, Central Africa, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mozambique and Mongolia.

During my interview with the National Franchise Director for the pageant, Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo she said she “was pleased with Greer’s performance and representation, as she truly represented our country with much intellect and beauty, all the fine qualities that are indicative of being with “Oneness”. She went further to state, that “She personally wanted to publicly and sincerely THANK all those that came forth to support her Miss Oneness T&T Princess. These being:  THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, SACHA COSMETICS, DOLLZ BEAUTY SPA, TRIBE MAS, BIKINI CABANA, RUSSELL BUTCH LIM CHOY, VALENE MAHARAJ, CLAUDIA PEGUS, CARIBBEAN PRESTIGE PROMOTIONS, , J ANGUELIQUE, MISS BRITTANY, FOOT CANDY AND MR. SHIVA GOBIN, not forgetting  the numerous well-wishers.

Mrs. Sahatoo-Manoo re-iterated that “Greer had always had that passion to represent her country on a prestigious international pageant stage and being specially chosen as Miss Oneness T&T Princess 2013, she has done just that, as this was THE major avenue for her and she has  followed well in the footsteps of our “Miss Oneness” beauties, and was happy that once again “The Miss Oneness Organization” was able to continue to make dreams come true.