Princess Of The World Special Visit To The Sick At The Regional Hospital

Gregory Lewin

March 7, 2010-"THE QUEEN CAME...!!!" These were the sweetest words that 93 year old Miss Esmeralda Casanova Hodgson fondly known as AUNTIE uttered in her frail state. She was a beauty; her inner being was one that was well loved, as she touched the lives of so many people in her community of Bluefields, Nicaragua.

Auntie always had a smile to her face and always had a joke to give or two. She was always busy in the kitchen where she loved to sing and whenever people were around she would sing: Auntie loves the kitchen, always looking for something to boil up and share. She had an engaging personality that relished one to be in her company.

Princess of the World – the charming and vivacious Kathiel Lampson would visit Auntie periodically when she was well at her home and listen to the advice and tales that she told with such merriment and laughter. Auntie was indeed very proud that Kathiel made history at home and the entire Nicaragua the day she was crowned Princess of the World.

The Queen heard that she had fallen ill and decided to go to the hospital to visit her and give her words of encouragement. Well, that was probably the most joyous moment in Auntie’s life, as the Queen came to visit with her and kneeled in front of her and kissed her.

While walking through the halls of the hospital, the Queen was greeted warmly by the sick and those family members who came to visit the patients. On more than one occasions the Queen was so touched that she, The Princess of the World was sadden to see how sick her people were and spent some time with them to give them hope and offer words of love.

Miss Lampson has such ebullience that those in her company are warmed and feel so loved and special. She is true to her nature, always ever so caring to assist, even if it means to sit and offer a silent prayer, or hold your hand, to let you know that she is there and feels your pain. No matter how much time is spent in the Princess’s company, or how old one might be, one knows that their lives have been touched by such kindness, humility and such a genuine loving human being, an ANGEL, Miss Kathiel Lampson.

Sad to say Miss Esmeralda Casanova Hodgson was called home on October 18th 2009.

Princess of the World walked away with a heart full of sadness and promised to work simultaneously and diligently with others in assisting the hospital, especially the Children’s Ward.



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