She Came She Saw And She Conquered
Miss ONENESS Beauty is Crowned Miss Princess of The World 2009

Gregory Lewin

October 3, 2009- Master of Ceremony: Kathiel, you are always smiling and full of energy to what do you attribute this? “I am always smiling and full of energy because I possess a confidence in me that I could do anything as long as I put God first because without God you can’t do anything.”  And this was the winning answer that would give Nicaragua the international crown she so longed for.

On September 13th 2009 Miss Oneness 2007 Miss Kathiel Lampson embarked on a journey that would take her across the world to a new continent unknown to her. Her journey would take her to the Czech Republic where dreams and history of vast proportions would be realized. The lovely Miss Lampson traveled to represent her lovely Caribbean coast and the entire Nicaragua at the most prestigious beauty pageant in Europe, the “Miss Princess Of The World 2009 Beauty Pageant” to be held in Prague, Czech Republic. 

She was anxious and vibrant and very confident of herself as she boarded her plane at Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport in Managua, Copa flight 0105 at 3:41PM that connects in Panama and then to Amsterdam and onto Prague.

Kathiel left her native land with high expectation of winning the crown but she also knew that the competition would indeed be tough and that she had to compete against 38 other beautiful young ladies from around the world, but yet that did not deter her from her focus and commitment. After her long 17 hours journey to the Czech Republic it was all about work and a little fun time in between. The delegates had the unique opportunity to visit many scenic places including Hungary, visit interesting sites and meet with prominent, affluent and diplomatic dignitaries. The pageant was officially launched on September 15th 2009 in the Czech Republic. Everyday there were activities surrounding the pageant leading up the grand coronation night on September 26th 2009 at the world famous Top Hotel Praha in Prague.

Finally, the long awaited night of all nights came in the twinkling of an eye and it was show time. Lights started flashing and the television crews and press crews positioned themselves well to get the very best of this production. This was indeed a one of a kind experience. The organizing team of the pageant company was very professional, articulate and detailed oriented. The Miss Princess Of The World Beauty Pageant is synonymous of a first class pageant and truly one of a kind. The young ladies were treated like the royalties they were and the officials ensured their safety at all times.

The pageant was flawless from start to finish. A great experience for all 39 delegates to share with others and one truly rewarding experience that they will cherish and remember for a life time.

The night before the show, Pageant Coordinator of the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant/International Chaperone Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo and I sat down with Miss Lampson and we discussed her cumulative closure with the upcoming contest. The advice given was to go out there and do your very best to represent the Caribbean coast and the entire Nicaragua. Take control of the stage we told her, we know you could do it because you have all the potential in you. The night of the show as Vanessa applied Kat’s make-up backstage in the dressing room, I looked at how relaxed and comfortable she was and it felt so surreal, and I recalled two emails she had sent us just before her journey that would change her life forever. Kat usually refers to us as Mom and Dad because of the extra care we take with her; after all she is our daughter.

One of the emails dated August 13th 2009 at 5:21PM she wrote: “Dad and mom I’m so happy, I got the permission approved so I will be able to proudly represent our Caribbean coast once more. Am really happy.”

Another email dated August 13th at 11:01PM reads: “Ok mom and daddy I don’t want you all feel any way, this is another opportunity for me and I promise both of you that I am  not going to disappoint you all, this is time to show everybody that we the Nicaraguans can do it, I promise both of you that I am going to prepare myself very good to do a good job in this beauty pageant because nothing is impossible and all of my people are depending on me and they also trust in me.”

Kathiel was ever so confident but she knew that we trusted in her ability to see it through. The funny thing is we never pressured her, we just told her to go out there and have fun, give it all you got, do your best.

Kathiel started to warm to the audience the minute she graced the stage in the very first segment – Introduction in her National Costume designed by Erick Flores. She wowed the crowd as she worked and took ownership of the stage. Up next was the Swimsuit segment and Kathiel was just starting to make her presence felt stronger. I have never seen Kathiel so confident and poised, and that she was just having fun on stage. She followed the advice we gave her to perfection and exuded that electrifying charm. One would think that she was just an act not a contestant. No nerves. She graciously captivated the audience in attendance and they were all hers from then on. The Swimsuit segment was quickly followed with the fashion show presentation and Miss Nicaragua Kathiel Lampson received the loudest cheers of the night. I often wondered since I got back what was going on. Here we are from one of the smallest countries in the world, a different culture, the majority of Prague never had heard of us and there they were cheering for Nicaragua.

Then the moment of moments came where the judges choose the TOP 9 out of 39 beautiful young ladies who all deserved to be called but only 9 could actually make it. The nine were chosen. As each delegate’s country and name was called the ones that made it in the TOP 9 were not given the beautiful white rose, they were asked to stay on stage instead. They were Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, South Africa, Malta, Chile, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Nicaragua.

Dressed in their respective evening gowns made exclusively for the delegates by some of the top designers in the Czech Republic the Final Question segment came and Miss Lampson gave her answer, and the audience applauded with such jubilee and excitement that the photographers flashed their cameras and started to move all over trying to capture the moment when the entire auditorium at the Top Hotel Praha was cheering for an unknown, Miss Nicaragua - Kathiel Lampson. She answered her question with such eloquence, finesse and confidence and never once faltered. She had to get her point across and she did so naturally, so classy and so brilliantly.

Master of Ceremony: Kathiel, you are always smiling and full of energy to what do you attribute this? “I am always smiling and full of energy because I posses a confidence in me that I could do anything as long as I put God first because without God you can’t do anything.”  And this was the winning answer that would give Nicaragua the international crown she so long for.

In the end Miss Oneness 2007/Miss Nicaragua to the Miss Princess Of The World the lovely Kathiel Lampson made history of vast proportion. Never in the history of Nicaragua has this been accomplished. When they announced that Miss Nicaragua was the winner Kathiel Lampson paused with no reaction. The Emcee asked her to come forward and the lovely smile reappeared even more brilliantly. She was in awe, that yes her dream has come true!

This is not a win only for Nicaragua, but also for Trinidad & Tobago who have been steadfast and committed in its endeavor in supporting the Miss Oneness Beauty Pageant unconditionally.

CAN WE DO IT?.....................YES WE CAN!!!!


AND WE DID………………...WE DID!!!!

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