The People's Princess

On 18th April 2010 a nice and sunny day, the Princess of the World and her team set out to visit one of the many jewels on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua as part of her social duties and the “giving back to the community” project. To reach our destination we would have to combine air and water transport from Managua. When we arrived at our destination, the wharf leading up to the entrance to the humble community of La Fe was adorned with palm arches to welcome The Princess of the World - Kathiel Lampson as she made her visit to the beautiful people of La Fe.

The Princess was escorted by one of the elders in the community, - Mr. Robert Sambola as he paved her way with petals of roses as they walked to the center of town while Mr. Cornelio Lopez serenaded the Princess with his guitar to the sound of country music and calypso.

It was heartfelt to feel the love in the air and to witness how a true Princess is treated by a community that is humble and full of love. They don’t have much but has given all they have to give a Princess a grand entrance to her castle.

It was in 2008 when the Princess first visited the community of La Fe as Miss Oneness 2007 on a tour with the 2008 delegates. They all fell in love with the people and ONENESS pledged to continue making visits to such a wonderful paradise and what a better way to return with a Princess of the World.

As the Princess took her seat, the children descended upon her to get a glimpse, gazing at her crown. They all started asking questions. Many of them have grown quite a bit since we last saw them but they all remembered her. The Princess was then welcomed by the Leader of the community, - Mr. Norton as a trio of musicians Mr. Robert Sambola, Mr. Cornelio Lopez and Mr.  Cornelio Lopez Jr. continued their serenade singing one of the original “La Fe Is Nicaragua”. The Princess thanked the community for such a warm welcome into their homes and partook in a special lunch prepared just for her.

As part of the “giving back to the community” project established by ONENESS Entertainment the Princess distributed books and pencils to the children and also two Y bikes donated by the people of Trinidad and Tobago. She then signed autographs for the entire community including those who made the trip by horse from Brown Bank to La Fe to get a glimpse of the Princess. No one was left out; she chatted with everyone and asked the gentlemen from Brown Bank to assist her as she prepared to go horseback riding. As we say goodbye to an experience the Princess wished would never end as she tried to contain her tears she promised to return again. We then headed to Pearl Lagoon where a warm and loving reception awaited the Princess.

The Princess was greeted in Pearl Lagoon by two little princesses and a multitude of people. Petals of roses paved her way through the streets of Pearl Lagoon as she was escorted down to the Queen Lobster restaurant where she was welcomed with honors by the Mayor - The Honorable Robert Cuthbert and the loving people of Pearl Lagoon. She was greeted with dance and speeches.

The Princess with tears in her eyes thanked everyone for making her feel at home. She distributed books and pencils and answered questions from everyone in the audience, young, old, teachers etc. The Q and A lasted one hour and then the signing of autographs before we headed back to Bluefields where a special donation was made to the Regional Hospital to assist the doctors in locating hard to find veins in newly born and adults alike.  All donations were made possible by ONENESS Entertainment parent company of the Miss ONENESS Beauty pageant and Esmie’s Angels. After the event at the hospital the Princess went to La Costeńisima radio station where she participated in a fund raising event to help build the home of the artist known as Mango Ghost  

I want to personally thank the community of La Fe and Pearl Lagoon especially Donna Hammond of Pearl Lagoon who has gone above and beyond to prepare the Princess’s welcome in Pearl Lagoon.  To see more photos please visit our facebook page.




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